Climate change and the fact that we have almost destroyed forests are actually factors that show how dangerous humans are.

No matter how superior and dangerous human beings are, there are some animal species in the world that unfortunately have zero chance of survival when we encounter them. The seas are one of our weakest points. For this reason, the teeth, poisons or needles we encounter there can threaten our lives very easily.

We can list some of the animals that live in the sea and are in the class of the most dangerous creatures for humans as follows;

Sea Snake
Stone Fish
Tiger Shark
Great White Shark
Saltwater Crocodile
Blue Ringed Octopus
Box Jellyfish
Trochonian Fish
The Trakonya fish species, which is frequently seen in all of our seas and is highly poisonous, poses a danger that leads to death for amateur fishermen. The small sizes of the Trachonia fish are much more poisonous than the larger ones.

What To Do For Trachonia Fish Sting And Treatment?
Firstly, if it stung your hand; quickly clean the unexploded capsules by quickly shaking your hand in seawater and shaking it quickly.
Draw blood from the wound at the point of poison. You should make a small cut in the sting with a clean, sharp instrument.
Pour ammonia (if you do not have ammonia with you, you can urinate on the wound.) This will reduce the stinging.
Then soak the wound in as much hot water as you can stand, so that the structure of the poison is broken down. And the rate of mixing into the blood in your body will decrease.
Finally, you should definitely go to the nearest health institution without wasting time. Because you may have allergic reactions to the poison and this may exceed the danger limits for your health.