Maintaining dental health is the main issue of oral health. For this, regular oral and dental care should be provided at home. In addition, it is useful to be regularly examined by a dentist. Regular check-ups in the oral and dental health departments of hospitals or oral and dental health centres make it easier to detect the presence of tartar or decay in the teeth and to start treatment without delay.

One of the factors that damage tooth enamel is teeth grinding. If you have such a habit, you can consult a specialist dentist without wasting time.
In order to protect oral and dental health and to prevent oral cancer, you should not smoke.
Sugary foods that stick to the mouth should not be consumed and acidic drinks should not be consumed.
After eating dessert, you should definitely take a piece of cheese and chew this cheese until your teeth are cleaned.
After eating every meal, you should definitely drink plenty of water and rinse your mouth.
Nuts or other hard foods should never be broken with teeth.
If you want to do a mechanical cleaning of your teeth, you can bite hard foods such as carrots.
You should never press an alcoholic cotton on your aching tooth. You can contact the nearest dentist for this.
If bleeding occurs while brushing your teeth, you should see a dentist without wasting time.