The weekend is the ideal time for sport. Until now, it was thought that only doing sports at the weekend was not enough for us to stay fit and naturally healthy. For all of us, in our daily lives, it is a fact that we do not even have time to look in the mirror between the weekends. There can be quite a lot of times when we cannot even reach sports clothes.

A study by Loughborough University shows that even if it is limited to the weekend, exercise is still useful and effective. Because doing sport reduces the risk of premature death because it reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. The only requirement is that it should be at least 150 minutes if the sport is light and 75 minutes if the sport is heavy.

Walking: It is the most popular physical activity because it can be done by everyone and is actually a safe, easy, cheap and effective exercise. Walking strengthens the legs, upper legs and calves, as well as other body muscles. If we walk in the right way, keeping the torso straight and tightening the abdomen, while exercising the arms and shoulders, with the correct, dynamic movements performed by the upper limbs, the abdominal muscles are tightened in the same way. In addition, it is a very good aerobic exercise programme that is good for the heart, improves the circulatory system and the functioning of the lungs. If you want to increase the level of difficulty a little, you can walk longer distances or uphill. To improve your cardiopulmonary system, the pace should be quickened and one step should be more than 50 cm.

Running: as an exercise, it has many positive aspects, but the downside is that it “s not for everyone. People with knee, back and heart problems are advised to consult a doctor, while it “s not recommended for people in poor physical condition or heavier than usual. However, for those who can run, the benefits are many: It improves physical condition and resistance, contributes to the burning of body fat, and stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also strengthens the foot muscles. Whatever your goal (losing weight or improving your physical condition), in order to see results, you need to run at a rhythm where your heart rate is 130-155 beats per minute. In addition, it “s recommended to run with an emphasis on distance, not time, so that you can easily check your progress. In other words, in the early stages, it is more beneficial to run over more kilometres with a light rhythm than to run short distances with a fast rhythm.

Swimming: Do not forget to swim in the sea, weather permitting. Swimming – no matter what style you practice – is perhaps the best and safest form of exercise, with great advantages for those who want to lose extra weight, but also for those with cardiovascular problems. The biggest trump card is that water resistance works the body perfectly, and the joints do not suffer in any way. In addition, contact with water is enjoyable and fun as well as exercise. Of course, beyond the sea, there is also the choice of swimming pools, which are suitable all year round.

Cycling Cycling has been recognised by scientists as life-extending exercise. It is one of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise; cardio, circulatory system and respiratory system are regulated by doing these exercises, while it is one of the best exercises used especially for strengthening the upper legs; of course, this does not mean that it does not work the calves, arms and abdomen. But it also has its disadvantages. Those with back and spine problems should not cycle on uneven surfaces. The vibrations created by the indentations that occur while riding can exacerbate their problems. Also, special care should be taken for those with knee sensitivity. In the early stages, they should use short and controlled distances at a speed not exceeding 60-70 revolutions per minute on roads that are not too inclined.

Tennis: A very good choice of exercise for three reasons: Firstly, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Secondly, it works almost every part of the body. In particular, it strengthens the arms and shoulders, the leg muscles (e.g. quadriceps, glutes, adductor muscles) as well as the trunk (abdomen, oblique-side abdominal muscles, dorsal muscles) and is an excellent exercise for fat burning and, of course, for the loss of excess weight. Thirdly, it further strengthens reflexes and increases readiness. Rackets on the beach offer more or less the same advantages, so you can also opt for beach tennis when diving.

Dance: Dance has a lot to offer, not just an intense feeling of pleasure that seeps through the body. Along with swimming, it “s one of the best aerobic exercises. Also, it “s no coincidence that dancers have great bodies. Dancing works the arms, tones the abdominal muscles and strengthens the torso. At the same time, it improves posture and flexibility. It is an effective exercise for those who want to lose weight because it increases the metabolic rate and strengthens the body’s fat burning. But the benefits do not end here. Music for the mind