The food we consume has a great impact on our health and quality of life. Studies have found a relationship between serious diseases and poor nutrition. For example, diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension can be prevented or delayed with a healthy diet. A healthy diet combined with sport and exercise is the basis for a healthy life. Adequate and balanced nutrition means getting the nutrients the body needs in sufficient quantity and at the appropriate time.

How to Have a Healthy, Proper Nutrition?

The first rule of healthy nutrition is to take calories appropriate for your age and activity level. If you take too many calories, you will gain weight, if you take too few calories, you will lose weight. Men should take approximately 2500 calories a day and women should take approximately 2000 calories a day.

Another element of a healthy diet is to reduce refined sugar and white flour. For example, consuming whole grain bread. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is essential for a healthy diet.

Vegetables should be consumed raw as much as possible and fruit should be preferred instead of fruit juice. The recommended daily intake is 5 portions of vegetables and fruits.

Consuming fish frequently is very beneficial for health. It is recommended to eat fish at least 2 times a week. Fish is a food rich in omega-3.

It is important to reduce saturated fat in the diet. Saturated fats are found in margarine, butter, tail fat, fatty meats. Unsaturated fats are vegetable oils. Include more olive oil in your table.

Pastry, sweets and packaged foods should be avoided. These contain high levels of sugar.

If you want to protect your blood pressure and heart health, you should consume less salt.

One of the main elements of a healthy diet is to consume plenty of water. You should consume at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Breakfast stimulates the metabolism and burns calories throughout the day. It provides concentration at work and school.

What are the Benefits of Healthy, Proper Nutrition?

Weight loss: If you are overweight, you can get rid of your excess weight by eating healthy. Overweight is the cause of many health problems. The main health problems are diabetes, heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

Reduced risk of cancer: You can reduce your risk of colon cancer and liver cancer by eating more fruit and vegetables and increasing fibre consumption.

Control of diabetes: With a healthy diet, the blood sugar of diabetics can be kept in balance. With ideal weight, the need for medication may decrease. Complications of diabetes can be prevented.

Benefits on heart health: You can keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control with a healthy diet. Avoiding saturated fats is also important for your heart health.

Strong bones and teeth: Milk and dairy products rich in calcium play an important role in the healthy development of bones and teeth.

Protection against infections: If you get enough vitamins and minerals from food, you will be more resistant to infections. Especially selenium has protective properties against infections.

10 Nutrition Recommendations for a Healthy Life;

Do Not Skip Meals
Have a Varied Meal
Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits
Reduce Oil Consumption
Limit convenience foods
Consume legumes and fibre foods
Drink Plenty of Water
Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Incorporate Exercise into Your Life
Maintain Your Ideal Weight