Before and After Birth

One of life’s greatest miracles is the beginning of a new life. The prenatal and postnatal periods are full of unforgettable and emotional moments for families. We are here to live these special moments with you and support you. Our prenatal and postnatal services are committed to providing the best care for you and your baby.

Prenatal Services:

Pregnancy Monitoring: We follow your pregnancy closely and monitor your health and your baby’s development.
Birth Preparation: With our prenatal classes and education programs, you can welcome your birth in a more informed way.
Nutrition Counseling: We guide you to develop the right eating habits during pregnancy.
Psychological Support: We offer psychological support for your emotional needs during pregnancy.
Vaccinations and Tests: We regularly carry out the necessary vaccinations and scans.

Postpartum Services:

Breastfeeding Counseling: Our experts will help you to breastfeed your baby.
Baby Care Training: We guide you on baby care.
Postpartum Exercise Programs: We support your return to a healthy lifestyle.
Postpartum Check-ups: We provide regular check-ups for both mother and baby health.
Psychological Support: We take into account the emotional needs of new mothers and families.

We do not only provide you with healthcare services, we are also there for you as a family. We focus on your emotional and physical needs in the prenatal and postnatal period. We offer you a warm environment and answer your questions.

With our prenatal and postnatal services, we are here to contribute to the health and happiness of you and your baby.

Prenatal Diagnostic Services:

Advantages of Veracity and VERAgene:

Safe, easy, accurate and fast results.

What will the reports tell us?



Reduced risk of the fetus having one of the conditions tested.


Increased risk of the fetus having one of the conditions tested.

As VERACITY NIPT is a screening test, high-risk results should always be confirmed by a diagnostic test.

Fetal Fraction:

In accordance with the ACMG 2016 Position Statement, the fetal fraction is accurately measured and clearly indicated.


The result of the test does not exclude the possibility of other genetic conditions and does not guarantee a healthy baby.

For more information about Prenatal Diagnosis Services, please contact our hospital.

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