Dermatology Service

Dermatology, defined as the science of the skin, is a medical discipline that deals with skin diseases and their treatment.

In this branch of science, all kinds of disorders of the skin, which is an extremely vital organ for the human body, are examined and treated.

Dermatology, also known as dermatology among the people, plays an effective role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases other than skin; skin appendages (hair, nails, sweat glands), mucous membranes such as the mouth and sexually transmitted diseases. Physicians who specialize in the general structure and functions of the skin, protection of skin integrity and health, allergic diseases of the skin, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, hair and nail diseases, neoplastic diseases, skin manifestations of some metabolic-systemic diseases work on behalf of public health with the knowledge and skills they have gained.

Dermatologists, who are fully equipped in every subject from the most common skin diseases to rare species, aim to restore patients to health by working in cooperation with other specialties in necessary cases. Dermatologists, who play an effective role in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases that can be observed at any age from infancy to adulthood, go for personalized healing methods. It provides a fully equipped service in the field of dermatology by closely following their recovery.

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