Check up Services

As Long Beach Medical, we provide check-up services with 8 different groups:

  • General Check-up Services
  • Cardiology Check-up Services
  • Cardiovascular Check-up Services
  • Male Check-up Services for Men 40+
  • Female General Check-up Services
  • Female General 2 Check-up Services
  • Athlete Check-up Services
  • Child Check-up Services

General Check-up Services:

+40+ is the stage of time when we need to take care of our health. Our specialist physicians support you to understand and prevent age-specific health risks. We monitor your health and create the best treatment plan with routine health checks, blood tests and personal health counseling. Personal health is about physical and mental well-being. We offer our expertise in many areas such as cardiovascular health, hormonal balance, cancer screenings and age-specific health issues. We support you in setting your health goals and taking preventive measures. At our hospital, your comfort and safety is our top priority. We offer you the best medical care by supplementing our check-up services with the latest technology. We also work with you to support your health through lifestyle counseling, nutritional advice and exercise programs. Supporting health and quality of life for people aged +40 and over is a mission that motivates us. We are here to offer you the best service and help you adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to make an appointment.

Athlete Check-up Services:

In modern medicine, preventive health services and early diagnosis and control programs are becoming increasingly important in addition to therapeutic health services. Check-ups are tests and examinations to determine your current condition for early diagnosis.

For those who do sports regularly or those who do not have the habit of doing sports before and are new to sports, the deficiencies that may cause injuries are detected early with the “Athlete Check-up” and permanent solutions are produced. For this reason, have an “Athlete Check-up” once a year to protect your physical health.

Child Check-up Services:

Check-up procedures performed on children in certain periods play an active role in the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. With our check-up program specially prepared for children, we are especially interested in the diseases that children may have in the future and take precautions. Check-Up Programs may differ according to gender and age in children.

Our Child Check-up age groups:

Over 1 Year Check-up

Check-up over 3 years of age

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