Radiology / Interventional Radiology

The procedures we perform at Long Beach Medical Center aim to protect the health of our patients, diagnose and treat existing diseases and provide reliable, effective and quality service at world standards.

Our radiology department, which plays a major role in diagnosis, is equipped with devices manufactured using the latest facilities of modern medical technology. For some advanced examinations, we can send our patients to our contracted institutions for the best diagnosis and treatment.

In our Radiology Department, which is technically organized to meet all the requirements of modern medicine, digital X-ray systems, advanced ultrasonography devices and experienced staff consisting of our radiology specialist provide you, our patients, with good and high quality diagnosis and health services.
Abdomen US All
Abdomen Upper Abdomen
Neck USG
Joint US (unilateral)
Hepatobilier US
Hip Joint US
Breast US (right breast)
Parotid Gland S
Renal US
Scrotal US
Suprapubic Pelvic US
Transcranial or
Urinary US
Abdominal Aorta Color Doppler
Abdominal Color Doppler
Lower Extremity Arterial System RDUS
Lower Extremity Perforating Vein Color Doppler US
Lower Extremity Venous System RDUS
Carotid Color DopplerUS
Mass Lesion Color Doppler
Breast Color DopplerUS
Pelvic Color DopplerUS
Portal Vein Color DopplerUS
Renal Color DopplerUS
Scrotal Color DopplerUS
Thyroid Gland Color DopplerUS
Upper Extremity Arterial System RDUS
Upper Extremity Venous System RDUS
Vertebral Artery Color Doppler US

In the radiology unit of our department or in our contracted institutions, interventional radiology procedures can be performed under local or general anesthesia with ultrasonography or computed tomography. Fine or thick needle biopsy procedures are performed for various organs (prostate, liver, breast, thyroid, etc.). In patients who are scheduled for surgery due to breast masses, wire marking of the masses can be performed with mammography or ultrasonography before the operation or marking of the masses with markers in breast cancers planned for treatment.

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