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Physical therapy and rehabilitation; It is a treatment method that treats functional disorders or losses caused by accidents, trauma, congenital disorders or other reasons with various methods and makes the patient able to move easily in daily life.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation, which is used in the treatment of many bone and muscle-related diseases, is a treatment method that can vary according to the individual.

Physical therapy can be applied alone as well as other treatment methods. Physical therapy can be performed with radiation, heat, exercise, electric currents, hot-cold applications and physical agents.

There are some methods applied in physical therapy and rehabilitation. In thermotherapy (treatment with hot applications) ultrasound, short and micro waves, laser, hot packs, heliotherapy (treatment with sun rays), paraffin baths, infrared rays are used. In the treatment with cold applications called cryotherapy, cold packs and compresses, cooling sprays, ice massage and bags are applied.

Hydrotherapy with hot tubs, spas and whirlpool baths is also a treatment method, while electrotherapy with direct and alternating currents is among the physical therapy and rehabilitation methods. Medication, treatment with mechanical methods (massage, manual therapy, traction, etc.) and exercise applications are among other methods.

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